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Prema posetiocima, Beograd je živ, kosmopolitski grad koji nikad ne spava, sa puno jeftinih restorana i odličnih klubova i kafea. Pored ovog, Narodni muzej je mesto koje ne treba zaobići, kao i Muzej Nikole Tesle. Mnogi posetioci vole da obiđu Muzej istorije Jugoslavije i Titov mauzolej.

Bike Tours

First impressions are everything. Think of this tour as Belgrade’s debut.  No endless walking or sightseeing from a bumpy bus ride. Instead how about a refreshing bike ride! Basically, anybody who knows how to ride a bicycle can join the tour.

Free Walking Tours

The first, unique and the best walking tour in Belgrade! Guides will tell you secrets and funny stories about Belgrade that you could not hear on other tours.

Pub Crawl

Meet Belgrade's famous night life: kafanas, bars, river clubs and other cool places in our city. We are glad to take you to the best bars and clubs of our city. Enjoy the Belgrade nights with other party guests and get to know the fun side of our capital - a city proclaimed as the best night life city by Lonely planet in 2011.



The hidden objects and cruel history. Visit the Roman well, a military bunker from Tito's period, Austrian gunpowder storehouse with Roman sarcofagi, sacrificial altars and tombstones. You will hear the stories about the oldest city center. Visit caverns in which the food was stored and wine cellar from the 19th century with FREE WINE at the end.

Free Zemun Tour

Beautiful Danube river bank. Walk through the old part of today's Belgrade, but bear in mind that Zemun has completely different history. Walk through the modern wide boulevards, old narrow streets and enjoy the view from the Gardos hill where Millennium tower is. Find out why the settlement was made here in neolithic.

Communist Tour

Find out the most interesting stories about former Yugoslavia, World War II, Tito's life, „Youth relay baton“, Non-Aligned movement, conflicts of the nineties, NATO bombing of Serbia and Montenegro in 1999 and democratic changes at the beginning of the third millennium. Visit Museum of Yugoslavian history which is also a resting place of the lifetime president of Yugoslavia, see remainings of NATO attacks as well as other attractions related to that period.

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